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Astro Mastiffs


Astro English Mastiff, thank you! My girlfriend and I had come here over 9 times in the past year. I’m not even kidding. We felt so comfortable making the big decision with their agent as they were so informative and helpful; never even stopped smiling as we had so many questions and needs. She held our hand through the whole process and we finally took home a super handsome boy named Charles. Thank s to them.

We brought home a beautiful, playful, golden Mastiff and named her name Irie (Good Vibes). I want to say thank you to Astro English Mastiff. We appreciated all the help and breakdown of everything we needed to know. We had some worries and questions before coming into the store, but you handled everything so professionally and made it effortless for us.

We couldn’t be happier with our Lhasa ! The staff was friendly and made the process so smooth. The agent took her time to explain and answer any questions we had since we never adopted a pet before. It has been over a month and our puppy is the best thing ever! So full of love and energy. Thank you!

Very kind and helpful staff! Was extremely knowledgeable about English mastiff. We wouldn’t have gotten one if she hadn’t talked to us about this breed. She was also patient with our millions of questions. Very happy with our experience.

If you love dogs and are not planning on getting one, do not come here! All the dogs are precious. I wanted all of them! Be warned that since they aren’t trained, they do bite-but it is puppy biting and playing so it doesn’t hurt. I totally recommend coming here to buy the dogs. The place is clean and from what I saw the puppies are treated very well. I would recommend!

Astro English Mastiff are awesome! Knowledgeable, helpful, and easy to work with, this site is great! They are available for questions anytime on the site and all information was provided with good follow-through. We purchased a Morkie puppy from Astro English Mastiff a week ago. We named him Cayman and he is just the sweetest little guy. Our vet health checked him and his fecal test was clear. He has no worms, no giardia, and no coccidia. Now we have our baby in the house in good health.

Love this site! Love, love, love Astro English Mastiff. I immediately fell in love of course! You actually can pet and interact with the pups here! The employees are so friendly!

In 2022, we came to this sits, just to look at puppies. When I saw this mastiff , I just knew I had to adopt him. I messaged them so they replied in less than an hour. After going through the site, i met my joy. He looked like the quiet type like me. He was shipped to us. We took him home the next day, and MAN, was he a piece of work! I love him still.

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